These are all 65 442's with the dealer stripe kit . There are 86 of them in the newspaper picture on the left and a lot more on the train.  Notice the large 442 decal on the rear quarter panel of the cars on the train. 

The kits were for 1965 and 1966 442's.  They came with instuctions with measurements for locating them, and the instuctions  were different for '65 and '66.  They were available in red, blue, and black at least, because I've seen those.  The decals are crude and butt-ugly.  Painting them would be much nicer!  The big 442 decals you point out were decals that were part of the package.  I have/had 2 of these kits.  They come rolled up in a box about 2" x 2" x 8"-10" long.   Kurt Shubert

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Extremely Rare Oldsmobile 442 Performance Log
Notice: Instead of Oldsmobile It Says Deluxe
1965 TRI-CARB   &   1966 L-69  

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Original 442 Club Items
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