442 Lnks Olds 1965 65 Cutlass F-85 Bro Bro's BR[] Oldsmobile F85 Brobeck Glenn Brobeck Clone Olds Clone SPECS Olds Specs
Clubs & Organizations:

Oldsmobile Club of America   http://www.oldsclub.org/    

Oldsmobile Club Northern Ohio Chapter   http://www.northernohiooldsclub.com/

H/O Club of America   http://www.hurstolds.com/

Allegheny Rockets   http://www.alleghenyrockets.org

New England Olds Club   http://www.neolds.com

If you have or know of any Olds related sites  .....  OR have any information on the 65  Please e-mail me.
Friends Sites:
Jasen Ramsey's 65 442 Restoration   http://www.ultra-high-compression.com

Hot Rod Harry's  Olds Collection   http://www.hotrodharrys.com/

Mike & Barb Siedlik's  The Good Olds Days    http://www.thegoodoldsdays.com/

Kurt Shubert's W30 page     http://wmachines.shubes.net

Ted Loranz  (Great Collection of Olds')  http://www.teds-olds.com

Olds Junction   http://oldsjunction.classicoldsmobile.com/

The Olds Zone   http://people.ucalgary.ca/~csimpson/TheOldsZone.html

Dick Miller Racing    http://www.dickmillerracing.com/

East Coast Classic Auto & Restoration     http://www.mission442.com/

OLDSmobility.com 67 442 Info   http://www.oldsmobility.com/old/index.htm

Brycemans Olds Page   http://www.442.com/

Showcars Bodyparts Fiberglass    http://www.showcars-bodyparts.com/

Olds Juction     http://oldsjunction.classicoldsmobile.com:80/index.html

Olds Homecoming     http://www.reolds.org/homecoming.htm

Albert Penello    http://www.albertpenello.com/442

Bad Dawgs Oldsmobile Page    http://newmand.oldsgmail.com/65442.htm

Seat Belts Plus  (belts & hardware)   http://www.seatbeltsplus.com/category/Seat-Belt-Hardware-Accessories.html

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