1. Locate the plastic cap which reads " Caution Do Not Remove ".   This covers the recoil spring for the seat belt retractor.
2. Carefully slip a thin blade or screwdriver under the plastic cap at the     three pinning points and gently pry the cap off. The plastic pins are  visible from the underside. Be very careful, the spring will want to spin off.  Let it unwind slowly, keeping track of the number of winds and rotation.
3. Now carefully lift the center of the spring out of the slot in the top of the pin and lay the top aside.
4. Using a drift, gently drive the splined pin all the way through the belt    retaining hub.
5. The belt is now free from the bracket, but it still won't fit through the           opening without two more steps.
6. Next we need to remove the retaining clip from over the nylon belt hub.
7. I put the belt in a vise and pried on both sides of the retainer at the   same time.  Be sure to protect the belt from the vise with card board or some other insulating material.  Simply slip the nylon hub from the belt.
8. Now pull the belt loop through opening.  No broken covers.
9. Now reverse the proceedure and you're done. Don't forget  to rewind   the spring before pushing the pins back into the bracket. I hope you remembered to count the number of turns, otherwise it's trial and error.    BR[]


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