1. To remove the headlight switch, first you have to pull the switch   handle all the way out. Notice the button located on top.
2. You will have to snake your hand thru the wires under the dash and up on top of the switch.  Pull the handle all the way out and now push the spring loaded button down. Now continue to pull the handle the rest of the way out, wiggling slightly if necessary.
3. The handle should be out if all went well.
4. Notice the groove near the pointed tip. That is where the spring loaded button catches to prevent the handle from coming out.
5. If you are removing the complete switch, you will need to remove the switch retaining bezel.
6. Here is a close-up of the removal tool and the three notches in the bezel that it fits into.
7.This simply shows a close-up of all of the parts
8. A quick picture of the back for reference.
9. Now reverse the proceedure and you're done. You shouldnt have to push the button when replacing the headlight pull lever, but in some instances it can help.    BR[]


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