Have you ever needed to get your quarter window out of a Holiday Coupe?
I don't know if any of you have done this yet but it is actually a pretty simple process.

1. Take a good look at everything before you start. Ok, heres how i did it, no manual. To re-install, simply reverse the steps.
2. Remove the two philips screws and pull the rubber flapper out of the door channel and with the window rolled up stick a screwdriver in the hole to keep it from falling down
3. Remove the four bolts from the regulator, and the two nuts from the top of the track, theres two more nuts at the bottom of the panel for the lower end of the track it has to move back to let the regulator come out
5. Pull the regulator out of the panel.
6. Pull forward and tip the window out of the hole.

4. Next, crank the arm until it comes out of the trac in the window
5. Now remove the two bolts from rear track and slide it off the wheel,       ( hang onto the window )
7. ( If equipped ) remove the three screws fom the "C" chrome.
8. ( If equipped ) carefully prying all along the chrome with your finger tips and wiggling it loose
9. ( If equipped ) pull it up and off.