2. Locate lock access hole on side of cylinder. 
Note: You don't need the key.

3. Push lock button in and out while viewing lock access hole.  You will see the lock tumbler steps
If you have a good tip, share it with all of us. It will be appreciated.

6.  Repeat depressing pin and pulling out until locking mechanism is removed. (approx: 4 steps)  Also: A slight twisting action can bring it out.
5. With tumbler step depressed, pull lock button out slightly (one click).

7. Using pressure with the thumb try removing bezel ring while wiggling cylinder.  If tight you can use a large hex bar (allen head) by inserting it in the hexagonal opening in the bezel and unscrewing it while holding the back of the unit.  This was also done with the handle of visegrips.

8. Below is the complete break down.....
Have you ever wondered how to get the lock cylinder out of your glove box
door or your console glove box?  The process is the same.

1.  Take the glove box door off to gain easy access to the back of the latch.

4. With slight pressure on lock button insert paperclip in hole depressing lock tumbler. You should feel a spring loaded pin. Push in lightly.
Note:  When replacing the tumbler mechanism, place it in with the spring loaded retainer facing the release pin hole.  The key hole should be facing horizontal.  If you insert it with the key hole vertically, it will be in the locked mode and will not function.  If you should do this by mistake, then locate the other hole facing downward, insert your paper clip and depress the retainer. Simply wiggle the tumbler out and reinsert it correctly.
8. Alternate Method:  This was also done with the handle of visegrips.