Have you ever wondered how to install new door panel coverings yourself?

1. Remove old door panel from door.
2. Place old door panel face down, and remove all chrome.

3. Measure the distance from the bottom of the top metal plate (curved) to          the bottom of the door panel.
4. Remove vinyl from the spiked metal band that surrounds the side and             bottom edges of the cardboard

5. Carefully remove the spiked metal band shown here.
6. Remove the top curved metal strip

7. Mark the back of the new door panel with the measurement taken in         step 3. This mark will be the bottom of the curved top metal strip.

8. I tried clamping the curved metal strip tabs as noted by gary, but I             found the new cardboard to be much harder than the original, and it         would not puncture the new cardboard too well. Perhaps it depends         on how sharp the tabs are on your curved metal strips. In addition,           since the new door panels are shorter in height than the originals, the     tabs would need to be real close to the edge. Instead, I flattened all           the tabs so the surface of the curved metal strip was nice and smooth.     I placed the curved metal strip on the new door panel where my               measured marks were, and marked the metal strip. I sprayed the area     of the door panel and metal strip that were to be mated together with       3M contact cement.

9. When the adhesive is ready, place the curved metal strip on the panel     and secure. The bond is stronger than the cardboard itself.

10. Take the spiked metal band and slowly crimp it around the sides and
     bottom edges of the cardboard.

11. Stretch the new vinyl around the sides and bottom (spiked metal               band). Since the spiked metal band has spikes all around it, no glue         is needed. Simply stretch the vinyl over the metal band and the
      vinyl will be punctured. At this point the two sides and bottom are             complete.

If you have a good tip, share it with all of us. It will be appreciated.
Note:  The fasteners they give you to secure the door panel to the door        are incorrect. The spiked metal band has nail like spikes that press           into plastic grommets in the door panels. As far as I know, only one          place has these (took me days fo googeling to find them). I left this           information in another post and will need to look for it.

    Two of my nail spikes were broken off the spike band. Here is a new        nail that was welded on. Not great but worked perfect

12. The trickiest part is stretching the vinyl over corners of the top                  curved metal strip. For this step use the 3M contact cement. Stretch         and secure the top edge, then move to the corners. A few cuts may          be needed to get the corners to lay flat.

13. Reinstall all chrome.

Note: And here is what looks to be a chalk mark for those who are into                this.