Have you ever wondered how to free up and service the dash clock?

1. Disconnect the power wire on the back. Grip the stem behind the              knob.  Hold the stem and turn the knob counter clockwise to remove.
2.  Gently undo the crimps around the edge and remove the housing.
3.  Now you can remove the clock face and gears out of the other half of       the housing.
4.  This is a picture of the points in a open position, I used a small file to clean them up.  I used a 9 volt battery to test the operation of the clock.
5.  Positive to the terminal on the back and ground on the body of the
    gear housing. make sure the points are in a closed position to start.          If  the points are in a open position there is a little black lever to flip          right behind the brass gear.
6. This view shows the rear of the unit and the tumbler assembly.
7.  After you flip the lever the points should close. Now your ready for           testing. Reassemble in the reverse order.
If you have a good tip, share it with all of us. It will be appreciated.

  Thanks to Shane for the great pics and info.