4-speed transmission - GM rebuilt 
Floor hump - GM used or repro 
Console for 4 speed 
Muncie compatible driveshaft - GM rebuilt or aftermarket 
Bell housing - GM Used 
Bell housing inspection cover - Repro 
Shifter and correct ball - GM Used or Hurst Competition Plus w/ original shifter handle
Shifter linkage - GM Used or Hurst w/ Hurst Shifter Gate
Shifter to transmission bracket - GM - Used 
Flywheel - GM Used or Aftermarket 
Pedal Assembly and pads - GM Used for pedals, Repro pads 
Neutral Safety switch - GM Used 
Z-bar - GM Used 
Z-bar to clutch fork rod - GM Used or Aftermarket 
Z-bar frame bracket - Repro 
Back-up light switch - GM used or Repro from M+H Electrical 
Clutch fork - GM Used 
Clutch pedal to z-bar rod - Repro 
Speedometer cable - Aftermarket 
Engine ball stud - Repro 
Clutch pedal to z-bar rod boot & retaining ring - Boot is repro, ring is used GM 
Shifter boot & retaining ring - Boot 1s repro, ring is used GM 
Steering column lower support with hole for clutch pedal to z-bar rod - Used GM 
Pressure plate, clutch disc, throw out bearing, pressure plate bolts, flywheel bolts - Aftermarket 
Reverse lockout rods and bracket - Repro 
Battery Cable - Repro fro American Autowire 
Battery cable tube - Used GM 
Firewall boot - Repro 

You will also need to have a 4 speed crank that is drilled for a pilot bearing, or drill an automatic crank for a conversion bearing. Conversion bearing bough from Supercars Unlimited.

The wiring is simple for the clutch switch and the back up lights.

The console harness from an automatic car can be used in the manual trans console.

There are 2 push in sheet metal nuts that are used on the base of the steering column to hold the back up light switch. My auto column did not have them.

Part Numbers from V8buick.com

68" Speedo Cable - 88959477 For 68-72 manual shift cars

Clips for shift rods - 12338114 Also used on the reverse rods too

Z bar and pedal bushing - 406172 Upper bushing and pedal bushing

Wave Washers - 9428369 Used to take out play in the linkage

Lock out rod bushing (upper) - 1394293 On the steering column

Bushing, reverse linkage (on frame) - 1377083 On the "L" shaped rod

GM has discontinued the rubber bushings on the shift linkage. Theses are being reproduced.